Price Tag Worksheet

Learning aims
Develop bass notation reading skills.
To play keyboard using both hands. 



Coldplay - Clocks


Year 7 Scheme of Learning – End of unit assessment

Topic: Keyboard Skills

Success criteria marking sheet

Level 2

Level 3

Level 4

Level 5

Level 6

Perform simple patterns, keeping a steady pulse


Order sounds within simple structures (beginning, middle, end) and respond to given starting points


Represent sounds with symbols.


Perform simple parts. ie) Riff 1


Combine sounds to suggest new ideas.

ie) combine riffs


Aware of notations such as note values.


Recognise the different musical elements and their effect on Clocks.

Perform with others, keeping to their own part.


Layer two or more parts in GarageBand accurately.


Understand various notation and their uses. Use this notation when writing out original ideas.


Analyse and compare music using musical language.

Perform the melody and bass line of Clocks using two hands


Read and use notation including dotted crotchets and semiquavers.

Perform confidently using two-handed five finger technique.


Use relevant notations to plan, revise, and refine original music.


Analyse, compare, and evaluate music, with an awareness of context